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Deliver your bulletin to multiple platforms at once.

With one click send your bulletin out via email, your website, Social platforms, and QR code.


See what churches are saying about Bulletin Plus.

"There is no reason why you shouldn't try Bulletin Plus! It's a great step."
- Pastor Jack Hibbs or Calvary Chapel Chino Hills


Better Engagement.

"The pastoral staff talked about really engaging with people, but we were not quite sure how to go about it. We discovered Bulletin Plus, and within two weeks, we had it ready the following Sunday. We have done a lot of talking about engaging with people. Someone gets a flyer or a bulletin and gets tucked away in their Bible, put under their seat in their car, or get thrown away."

- Pastor Joel / Calvary Moreno Valley



"So Stoked on the Customer Service and Products from Bulletin Plus as they have more than coming alongside us to launch a fantastic service to Empower the Youth."

- Ryan Ries / The Whosoevers


Made our church more aware.

"Bulletin Plus has allowed our church family to be more aware of what's going on by the time they get to church. When they get to church, they already know what's happening, and it's great to see that because they are already talking with others outside the church about events they are going to."

- Pastor Mike / Calvary Chapel Corona


Easy for any age.

"With such a small staff, it's important that whatever church software we use is easy for everyone on staff, no matter what age they are. Bulletin Plus has made it so easy for our office manager to easily and beautifully build and design our weekly digital church bulletin."

- Joey Roper / Office Assitant / Calvary Chapel Lihue