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Below we have our pricing and some FAQ's.

Your NEW
Church Bulletin!

$19.99 month

30 Day FREE trial (No credit card needed)

Cancel anytime ( Month to month)

It's time for a bulletin makeover! Make it easy forpeople to receive and read your church bulletin!

  • Save on money instantly
  • Increase Ministry Sign-ups
  • Increase Church Awareness
  • No Paper Waste 
  • Create Bulletin x3 Faster
  • See who is viewing your bulletin


Bulletin Plus Church App for FREE!

Our Bulletin Plus church app is just another way we have created for you to get your digital online church bulletin into the hands of your church family. If they don't like getting emails or texts our Bulletin Plus church app will be the perfect fit for them to stay up to date with church events and important news at your church. 

To demo select "Alpha Omega Church" from list in the app.

Bulletin Plus Church App Builder

Take the Bulletin Plus church app to the next level with the ability to customize the app with custom pages, Online giving, SermonBoss Media Library Add-on, Announcement Push Notifications and so much more.

Bulletin Plus
Forms Builder

Included with Bulletin Plus is our custom forms builder. This gives you the ability to create custom forms for your Bulletin Plus church app or on your website.

Bulletin Plus
App & Web Calendar

Included with Bulletin Plus is our awesome church calendar. This gives you the ability to create a main church calendar and sub-calendars for high school ministry, etc. Add to your church website and the Bulletin Plus church app.

Bulletin Plus
Notes & Pages

Included with Bulletin Plus are our custom notes and pages. This gives you the ability to create custom Notes or pages to add to the Bulletin Plus church app.

Bulletin Stats.

One thing with a paper church bulletin is you never know who is reading it. Bulletin Plus comes loaded with the ability to see real-time stats of your Digital Church Bulletin. Try that with Paper!

Other Included Features 

Archived Bulletin Events

Bulletin Separator Flags

Multiple Bulletin Users

Image Storage


Image Crop Feature

Bulletin Themes

Custom Bulletin Footer

Bulletin Calendar Link

Email & App Subscribe Page

Schedule Bulletins

(Date & Time)

Archived Church Bulletins

Bulletins Color & Design Themes

Bulletin Plus ADD-ONS!

BulletinPlus Custom Icon

You can customize the Bulletin Plus app icon to make it more personal to match your church branding. This is a one-time fee of $299 to add to the Bulletin Plus Church App.


Our SermonBoss Media Player Platform takes your church sermons to a new level with audio, video, and our live service player. is a linktree alternative you can use as your bio link in your social media or even as a full church website. 


Below is some common questions churches ask us.

How do people view the bulletin?

  • Bulletin Plus App
  • Email Link
  • Text Link
  • Church Website Bulletin Link
  • Church App Bulletin Link
  • Social Media Link

How do we add the bulletin to our own church app and website?

Your account comes with an app and website link to add to your church app or website. You will only need to add this once and will update automatically.

We don't have a graphic designer can we still build bulletins?

Yes, our platform is very easy to use. We have many churches that their office manager builds the bulletin each week. Plus we have photos you can use or upload your own.